Amazing Strength Of Fingers

There was a man, in my later father's native place, by the name of Yu Yiu. He served in the army during the war, and after the war, he was recruited into one of the divisional patrols of the local police of Namhoi, under the command of my father. But owing to the large number of patrolmen, neither Yu Yiu nor Yip Man the Captain knew each other. One day, Yu Yiu was patrolling along a busy street. But very soon for some minor reasons argued with someone in the street. Both men were then shouting to each other loudly. It happened that Captain Yip Man passed by the crowded spot. He saw that one of the quarrelling men was wearing a badge of his patrolling teams and carrying a pistol, and knew that the man must be one of his patrolmen. He wished to stop the quarrel, thinking that a police patrolman's duty is to keep order and peace,and so should not argue with people. He stepped forward to stop their shouts. But the patrolman was too proud to be stopped by a well-dressed gentleman such as Yip Man! He shouted at Yip Man, ordering

Yip Man Grandson

ABOVE: Grandmaster Yip Man and his second son, daughter (middle), daughter-in-law (left), and his friends in a countryside restaurant somewhere in Hong Kong.

BELOW: Grandmaster Yip and his grandson, son of his second son Yip Ching.

Wing Tsun DrawingsYip Man Son

him to step back to mind his own business instead of intervening their quarrel. As he shouted at Yip Man, he drew his pistol and pointed it at Yip Man. Yip Man realized that the patrolman was losing his sense, and that drawing out a pistol in a busy street was a dangerous move. To eliminate the danger Yip Man rushed forward to stop the patrolman from pointing the pistol at anyone. He got hold of the bullet-chambers of the pistol, meaning to stop the man from mis-firing. The man struggled to free his pistol from Yip Man's grip. Yip Man's fingers were so powerful that after a few pulls and twists the bullet-chambers of the pistol broke off, to the astonishment of the huge crowd of on-lookers.

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