Blending Of Techniques Of Several Masters

For two years Yip Man followed Ng Chung So. After that he went to Hong Kong to pursue academic studies at the St. Stephen's College at Stanley in Hong Kong. By one occasion he was introduced to Mister Leung Bik, the first son of Grandmaster Leung Jan - the instructor of Grandmaster Chan Wah Shun. Leung Bik was then staying as guest in a famous silk company in the western district of Hong Kong. He was delighted with Yip Man's cleverness and his effort in learning, so he

^ Grandmaster Yip demonstrated a movement of the Wooden Dummy Techniques.

tried his best to teach him all he knew. That is why my father later said to others that he got a good foundation from Grandmaster Chan Wall Shun, but sophisticated techniques from Mister Leung Bik. He further said that when he was small, he paid attention to the external-form of movements, not knowing why certain movements should be applied in such ways, while other movements in other ways. When he grew older, he knew that the importance of mastering Wing Tsun techniques rested on the merging of theory and practical application.

Grandmaster Yip Man became famous for his skills even when he was young. Yet he did not take teaching martial art skills as his career. Instead, he joined the army during the war. After the war he returned to his native land to take up the post of Captain of Local Police Patrols of Namhoi, which he held for some years. Though being a skilled martial artist, and the captain of the police patrols, he was not proud and arrogant. On the contrary, he dressed neatly, and looked gentle and graceful. He seldom carried his pistol, unless he found it absolutely necessary in certain occasions, feeling that he himself was already armed with his deadly Wing Tsun skills. During his career as the captain of the local police patrols, Grandmaster Yip Man met some occassions worth mentioning.

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