Bongsau Kneestamping Kick

* The Bong-sau is a greatly effective movement which is adopted for countering heavy straightline attacks. It is applied by bending the forearm down to deflect the opponent's straightline attacks, which, no matter how powerful, will surely be nullified. Having .effectuated the Bong-sau movement, and while our opponent is not yet ready to launch his sccond attack, we should at this moment make a sideward step to stay at the opponent's side and offer a counter-attack with the Knee-stamping Kick technique!

A (left) posing the W.T. Prefighting Posture while facing B. B imitiates a right straightline punch at A. A quickly turns to evade the punch. Immediately after that, A makes a sideward step to stay at B's right side, and quickly raises his left leg to launch a Knee-stamping Kick at the back of B's right knee.

Kick TechniqueWing Chun Kau Sau


* The functions of the Fook-sau are twofold. Besides serving as a means for pressing down or controlling the opponent's arm with the palm. The Fook-sau can also be adopted for stopping the opponent's Chain-punches by making use of the quick bending of the wrist, as explained below.

* By circling the wrist round the wrist of the opponent, we can replace our wrist from the indoor area of the opponent to his outdoor area. This enables us to stay at the opponent's side, and to launch the Lower Lying-palm attack at his flank, as illustrated:

A (left) posing the W.T. Prefighting Posture while facing B. B attacks A with his right straightline punch. A dissolves it with the Fook-sau technique by flipping his right palm to the left. B again launches a left straightline punch. A still applies his right Fook-sau, by flipping his palm to the right to stop B's punch. After that B launches a third punch with his right arm, A this time first flips his right Fook-sau to the right to nullify B's punch, and then circles his palm outwards from B's indoor area to his outdoor area, so that he is now standing at B's right side. Finally A launches a left Lower Lying-palm attack at B's right flank.

Knee Kick Self DefenceKnee Kick Self DefencePai Wing Chun Dummy Set


* The Po-pai Double-palm movement is a combination of the Erect-palm movement applied with one arm and the Reverse-palm movement applied with the other arm. In application> there are two fashions of it. namely the Facadc Po-pai fFacc-to-fare Po-Pai) and Lhc Sideward Po-pai. The following is an illustration of the Facade Po-pai Double-palm movement applied in succession to the Kwun-sau movement:

A posing the W.T. Prefighting Posture while facing B. B launches the double punches at A. A turns and applies the Kwun-sau movement to dissolve B's attack. Immediately after that, A changes his arms to the Facade Po-Pai Double-palm movement, with one palm aiming at B's upper-level and the other at his tower level.

Wing Chun HandsSelf Defense KneeWingtsun Kick

♦ If the "Alternate Bong-sau" Ii applied to dissolve the opponenfl attacks, what follows should bo |fl Sideward Po-Pai Double-Palm innVjfl ment for counter-attacking the oppnnil at his side, as illustrated below.

Stamping Self DefenseWingtsun Kick

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