Bongsau Sideward Popai Doublepalm Movement

* The following set of Sideward Po-Pai Double-palm Movements derived from the Bong-sau is different from that mentioned above.

In the previous set, the Bong-sau directly turns to the Erect-palm, and presses on the opponent's shoulder. In this set. the Bong-sau changes to the Reverse-palm, and glides over the opponent's bridge-arm to penetrate into his indoor area and land on his body.

A posing the W.T. Prefighting Posture while facing B. B launches a sudden right straightline punch at A. A adopts the right Sideward Bong-sau to dissolve B's attack. Immediately after that, A turns to B's right side, and changing his Bong-sau to the Reverse-palm, thrusts it forward over B's right arm, while his left arm also turns to the Erect-palm to join in the counter-attack.

Doubles Attack Wing Tsun


* Many Wing Tsun followers neglects the fact that the Bong-sau can give rise to a variety of movements, for example, the Grappling-hand, as illustrated below.

* When a practitioner applies the Grappling-hand to control the opponent's arm, he should at the same time apply the Throat-cutting Hand to attack his opponent. After that, his arms should change to the Pak-sau and Spade-hand respectively to launch further attacks at his opponent.

A posing the W. T. Prefighting Posture while facing B. B launches a right straightline punch at A. A counters with his left Sideward Bong sau, which then changes to the Grappling-hand to get hold of B's right arm, while his right arm launches a counterattack in the form of the Throat-cutting Hand. At this moment A has already turned from the right to the left.

Having effectuated his counter-attacks, A withdraws his right arm to pose the Pak-sau to press down B's right arm, and at the same time changes his left arm to the Spade-hand to strike heavily at B's chin.

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