Dm I Ere Nce Between The Dummy Stake And The Piles

I lion II. numerous styles of Chinese kung-fu in which wooden stakes mr us. .1 is ¿nds for drilling in kung-fu techniques. These stakes are tin i id I v t illed "chong " in Chinese. Literally the word chong means any «• perpendicularly stuck at the ground. It might therefore not illy mean a stake used by a kung-fu driller, voi, the word chong may be prefixed with other words to form cut terms to mean particular stakes used for individual purposes, example, there is one kind of chong in Chinese kung-fu, called the la Chong (Plum Blossom Piles), in which the word chong is trans-mto "piles" instead of "dummies", because they are not used as a JriCtiMnj: dummy, which is a meant to be a substitute for a partner or rvul opponent. Another example is the ching chong of the Choi Lee t Style, which is translated into Balance-dummy, and is not a pile. Th* difference in terms is caused by the difference in the purposes of drilling aids If the aim of the aid is for offering practices as a partner an opponent, it is called a "dummy". If the stakes (whether per-tcularly stuck at the ground or just placed on the ground) are used itiitiding, stepping, or jumping on them while practising punches or k*. they serve as an aid for training in body-balance and in streng-iiiH the stance and they are in this case called "piles". In short, one ■nplc w.iy of distinguishing the dummy and the piles is that the dummy |R uui.illy singular in number, being a wooden stake with other fixtures IjlMgincd to be arms and legs of the opponent, while the piles are usually ml in number, being two, three, five or as many as a hundred of kes without any fixtures on them, jfcrcforc, the Wing Tsun MUK YAN CHONG literally means "A Stake tfyrd As A Dummy". In other words, it takes the place of an imagined Brtncr or opponent of the kung-fu driller.

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