Double Tansau Huensau Double Lower Lying Palm

I he Double Tan-sau. which is placed ul the opponent's ttdoor area, is a movement less frequently applied It is, >wever. necessarily applied at the moment when the opponent attacks us with the double straightline punches within >ur indoor area.

The Huea-sau is a movement applied by turning the arm lickly from the opponent's outdoor area to his indoor area. \c re-positioning of our bridge-arms in this way makes it lore advantageous for us to face out opponent al the beginning ol the light 01 di ring the fight

A (left) posing the W.T. Prefighting Posture in front of B (right). When B attacks A with double punches, A immediately blocks B's attack with the Double Tan-sau at the outdoor areas of B's arms. Instantly, A makes a cirling movement with his hands turning into B's indoor areas After that A counter-attacks B's lower-level with Double Lower Lying-palm.

Wing Chun Double Knives

* The Double Tan-sau, orginally placed at the opponent's outdoor area, can be changed to the Jut-sau to piess down the opponent's arms, thus causing him to tumble forward.

* Having effectuated the Jut sau movement, we can further apply the Double _

Upper Lying-palm movement to attack '-^^ FVt; tsr^ea^M

the opponent's face. (Note: The Tan-sau is a fashion literally, in Chinese, meaning "Patm facing up"; the Jut-sau is an action literally meaning "A sudden downward pressing movement". Generally the Jut-sau is enacted in the fonn of the Fook-sau. that is why many Wing Tsun or Wing Chun trainees find the two confusing - editor.)

Wing Chun Dersleri

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