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* Many Wing Tsun followers (hink that having applied the Low Bong-sau with one arm, they have to use the other arm to counter attack at the upper-level. In fact they can use the same arm that has just executed the Low Bong-sau movement to dissolve further attacks from the opponent. Besides, an experienced Wing Tsun practitioner can make use ofbothhisarm and his leg to launch co-ordinating offensive movements at the same moment, thus making it very difficult for the opponent to defend himself.

* As regards kicking techniques of Wing Tsun, the same principle applies to them as to hand techniques. That is to say, it is not necessary to withdraw the leg once it has excuted a kick, for it can still be used to launch further attacks simply by giving variations to its movements, which will enable the practitioner strike at diffennt parts of the opponent's body as desired.

Wing Chun Kick Defense Self Defense Knee Attacks Self Defense Knee Attacks Homemade Self Defense KneeWing Tsun Kicks

A posing the W.T. Prefighting Posture upon encountering B. B launches a right straightline punch at A's lower-level, which is dissolved by A's right Lower Bong-sau. B then immediately attacks A with a left straight-line punch at A's upper-level, A therefore turns his right Lower Bong-sau to the upper-level Spade-hand to nullify the attack and offers a counterattack at B's chin. At the same time A's left leg joins in the counter-attack by launching a straightline Thrust-kick at B's abdomen.

Having effectuated the Thrust-kick, A turns his left leg to further his attack on B with a Facade Knee-stamping Kick at B's right knee.

Self Defense Knee AttacksStamp Kick Wing Chun


• The Gum-sau and the Pak-sau look similar but have different functions. The Pak-sau is executed by slapping the palm towards the opponent's aim and pressing it down to nullify its charge. Therefore it is a forceful and swift movement. But its forcc quickly diminishes. It is generally applied to counter mid-level attacks. It usually makes a cracking sound as it is executed. The Gum-sau. on the other hand, is a movement that goes along a relatively longer distance with a more flexible force. It is often applied

Wing Tsun Levels

to counter attacks of a longer range such as punches and kicks at the upper and mid-levels.

As illustrated below, the Gum-sau is applied to "divert" the course of the opponent's coming kick, as different from the Slap-palm, which is applied for "pressing down9'a punching arm.

A posing the W. T. Prefighting Posture on encountering B. B suddenly launches a right kick at A, who counters it with his right Sideward Gum-sau.

Immediately after that, A circles his right leg to step on B's right side, and then offers a counter-attack with the left Sideward Slap-palm & the Lower Lying-palm movements.

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* The Gum-sau is a movement useful for countering not only lower-level kicks, but also punches at both the mid-level and lower-ieverl As illustrated here, the practitioner first adopts the Sideward Gum-sau to stop the opponent's lower-level Thrusting-punch, then he applies the Pak-sau (Slap-palm) and the Slant Thrust-kick to ward off an upper-level attack and offer counter-attack.

* Most of the kicks of the W. T. system are launched at a very close range to the opponent. Therefore the kicking technique mentioned above is the only kick besides the Sideward Thrust-kick that is launched at a long ranged from the opponent.

A posing the W. T. Prefighting Posture on encountering B. B launches a sudden left Thrusting-punch at A's lower-level. A dissolves it with a right Gum-sau and turning of the body to the left. Having failed ith his first punch, B furthers his attack with a right straightline punch at A's upper-level. A shifts his body to B's right side, and deflects B's punch with a Slap-palm movement, while his right leg launches a Stamping-kick along a slant-straight line at B's upper calf.

Wing Chun Kicking TechniqueSweep Kick Sweep Kick


* Many trainees of W. T. system have the wrong idea that there are no Grap-pling-hand techniques in the W. T. system. In fact theie is a Grappling-hand movement in Wing Tsun, which however is less frequently applied.

* Similarly, many Wing Tsun trainees think that there is not a Sweep-kick in Wing Tsun. In fact they are again wrong, for there is such a kick in Wing Tsun, wh'ch is quite different from that applied in all other martial art styles, and is quite difficult to master. That is why explanation of training in this technique is left behind until the last section of the Wooden Dummy Techniques.

Wooden Dummy TechniqueWingtsun KickingBong Sau Wooden DummyWooden Dummy Technique

A posing the W. T. Prefighting Posture on encountering B. B. suddenly launches a right straightline punch at A, who slips the charge with the Sideling Bong-sau movement. Immediately after that, A shifts himself to B's right side, and turns his right Bong sau to a Grappling-hand to get' hold of B's right wrist, while his left hand also poses a Grappl-ing hand to seize B's right elbow.

After that, A raises his right Jeg to launch a Sweep-kick at the knee-joint of B's front leg, while both his arms exert a forceful pull to the side, causing B to lose balance and fall forward.

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