Futshan Breeding Place Of Martial Arts

Grandmaster Yip Man was a native of Namhoi County of Kwangtung Province. He spent his living at Futshan, one of the four most famous towns of southern China, where various kinds of handicrafts were then highly developed. Besides, Futshan is also regarded as the place of origin of Chinese kung-fu in southern China. During the period between the fall of the Ching Dynasty and the founding of the National Republic

of China, a large number of famous and skilful Chinese martial artists were brought up in the town of Futshan, or at least these martial artists were somehow related to affairs that happened in Futshan. The cause of the appearance of these skilful martial artists in Futshan might have been due to the burning down of the Siu Lam Monastery in Fukien Province, which resulted in the great escape of hundreds of monks and practitioners skilled in the Siu Lam Style of kung-fu, who ran away from the siege of the soldiers of the Manchu government. Many of them, like the famous Zen Master Chi Shin, escaped southwards and hid themselves in Futshan.

A photo taken in Grandmaster Yip Man.s home.

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