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■ JKHlfM) the W.T. Prefighting Posture while facing B. B initiates a left straightline fni'" I' .»t A, who counters with his left Bong-sau. Immediately after that, A advances to ■iv ai B's left side, and adopts the Sideward Po-Pai technique by launching his left Mm at B's shoulder and his right palm at B's flank.

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* The High & Low Gaun-sau is a sideward movement. However, when it changes to the Po-Pai movement, it becomes the Facade Po-pai. The Po-pai technique derived from the High & Low Gaun-sau is slightly different from that derived from the Kwun-sau. The Po-pai technique derived from the Kwun-sau is a movement of double-palm attacks from the opponent's indoor area; the Po-pai technique derived from the High & Low Gaun-sau is applied in such a way that the arm of our upper attacking palm is pressing one the opponent's arms, and the bridge-arm of our lower attacking palm is also pressing the other arm of our opponent. Readers should watch carefully how the series of movements are enacted.

A posing the W.T. Prefighting Posture while facing B. B attacks A with his double punches, one high and the other low. A quickly turns sideways and applies the High & Low Gaun-sau to counter the attacks. Immediately after that A turns to face B again and applies the Po-pai technique as a counter-attack.

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