Application Of Bong

Straight Line Punch

* The Indoor-area Pak-sau is a movement applied to dissolve the opponent's straight-line punch which comes in from below the practitioner's bridge-arms. As the opponent's punch comes in, the practitioner can apply his left and right alternate Pak-sau to dissolve it, and immediately after that, he should launch a countcr-attack with his W.T. Straightline Thrusting Punch!

Wing Tsun Pak Punch

A deft) posing the W.T. Prefighting Posture while facing B (right). B suddenly launches a right straightline punch at A. A deflects B's punching arm with his right Pak-sau. Having failed with his right punch, B again attacks with his left straightline punch, which is then again deflected by A's left Pak-sau. After that A offers a counter-attack by pressing down B's arm with his left Pak-sau and launching a Straightline Thrusting Punch at B's face with his right arm.

Klipping SauThroat DefenseWing Chun Pak SaoKlipping Sau


* The Outdoor-area Pak-sau is a slapping movement applied from the opponent's outdoor area for dissolving his straightline punch. Having applied the Outdoor-area Pak-sau, the practitioner can then change it to the Throat-cutting Hand to aim at the opponent's throat as a counter-attack, which is very often a fatal one.

The Jut-sau and the Lower Thrusting Punch are two movements applied at the JVement while the opponent's arms are below the practitioner's arms, in such a way that the practitioner firstly uses one arm to launch the Jut-sau to press down the jnent's arms, and the other arm to launch a heavy Thrusting Punch going /ard-downwards over the opponent's arm to aim at his lower abdomen.

A (left) posing the W.T. Prefighting Posture while facing B (right). B launches a right straightline punch at A. A applies the right Pak-sau to slap from the opponent's outdoor area at his punching arm to stop the punch. Immediately after that, A's left arm changes to the Throat-cutting Hand, launching at B's throat. Having effectuated the throat-cutting attack, A continues with his attack by pressing down B's right arm with his left arm while launching the right Thrusting Punch at his lower abdomen.

One Sided Fight Belly PunchWing Tsun Self Defense

A (left) posing the W.T. Prefighting Posture while facing B. B suddenly launches a right straightline punch at A's abdomen. A at once turns and applies his left Lower Bong-sau to evade B's punch.

After that, B again launches a left straightline punch at A's upper level. A at once applies a right Sideward Slap-palm to deflect B's punch, while turning his left arm up to apply a Man-sau attack at the left arm-pit of B, which is a part of weakness.

Application Bong Sau


• The Lower Bong-sau is a movement applied to dissolve the opponent's lower-level straightline punch. For a better result, the Bong-sau is effectuated in co-ordination with turning of the body so as to maximize its "evasive effect".

* The Man-sau is a movement derived from the Lower Bong-sau. When the attacking arm of the opponent is weakening in force or is about to retreat, the practitioner's arm, which is bending down in the form of a Bong-sau, now turns up to form the Man-sau, thus conforming to the Wing Tsun motto "Stay with what comes, follow through as it retreats, and thmst forward as our hand is freed ".

Wing Tsun Women

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