Wing Chun 2012
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In Chinese terminology the two arms of the body ¡>re equivalent to two leaves of door. Whon both anus art out stretched, the area embraced by both arms or between the inner part of both arms a called the indoor area, while the area beyond the outer part of both arms is called the outdoor area. * fh€ trmUtbrmi Chinm door r*s$ two Mhch open inwmnk.

A (left) putting himself in the Wing Tsun Prefighting Posture in front of B (right). B launches a straightline punch at A, with his fist coming over A's right arm. A stretches his right arm to make contact with B, while making a slight turn to evade B's punch, and placing his left hand at the back of B's neck. A then makes a pull with both his hands at B's neck, causing B to lose his balance. While B is falling forward,A launches a thrusting punch at B's face.

Man LineageWoman Wing Tsun

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