Movement From The Side

Yip inserts his left leg into the space behind the dummy leg and executes the Po-Pai Double-palm movement with his left palm above his right.

Right Bare Arms Self Defense

Yip applying the Kwun-sau movement.

Yip withdraws his left leg to resume the original position while posing his arms as the High & Low Gaun-sau.

Right Bare Arms Self Defense


Yip turns his arms to form the Po-Pai Double-palm movement. In which his right hand is posing as a Erect-palm, while his left hand is posing as a Reverse-palm.


From the High & Low Gaun-sau, Yip converts his arms to the Po-Pai Double-palm movement with his left arm above his right arm.


Yip turns to his right side while posing hb left arm as a Bong-sau.

Yip poses the right Bong-sau while turning to the left.

Wing Chun PosesWing Chun Double Pak Sau

Y!p turns to his right while posing the High & Low Gaun-sau.

Yip turns from his left to his right, poses the High & Low Gaun-sau in the reverse direction.


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