Offspring Of Kungfu Generations

Grandmaster Yip Man's lather, that is, my grandfather, was named 0/ Doh. He was in fact brought up in a family of generations of merchants. My grandfather himself once ran a shop in Hong Kong. My grandmother, then known as Madame Ng, was praised for being a helpful wife and a good mother. Anyway, the Yip family in Futshan was a famous and influential family. The inherited large farmyard was situated at a newly rebuilt avenue, called the Fuk Yin Avenue, literally meaning Avenue of Happiness and Scholarship. The homesteads of the Yip family occupied a large area, with two symctrical rows of large old fashioned houses, amounting to not fewer than twenty in number lining along the two sides of the avenue, at exactly the site of the present Municipal Government House. The ancestral temple of the Yip clan was situated at the centre of the homestead. It was in this ancestral temple that the great Grandmaster Chan Wah Shun, the renowned Wing Tsun practitioner, had for quite a long period resided, when he admitted disciples and taught them skills of the Wing Tsun Style. Among the students of Grandmaster Chan Wah Shun, there was one, by the name of Yip Man, who for the first time in his life learnt Wing Tsun skills in the ancestral temple of his family.

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