Overpowering A Fierce Robber

In my father's little town there was a wanted robber by the name of Tsu Ping, who was cruel, huge, strong and skilled in martial arts. The local policemen were after him for quite a long time. One day my father's squad was informed that the wanted robber appeared at the town of Futshan. My father led some of his dectectives to lay a trap for the robber. He briefed his dectivcs that the robber was ferocious and armed, and that it was dangerous to cross fire with him in a crowded avenue. He told them that he would deal with him first,and that when the robber was overpowered, they would then rush out to catch him, but before that they had to hide at some concealed corners. Soon the robber appeared. My father walked towards him. Being well-dressed and gentle in outlook, my father was not suspected. The robber passed by casually. My father turned and called the robber's name. The robber became suspicious, and ran. But my father stepped forward and grabbed the robber's collar, who was then trying to draw his pistol. My father grappled the robber's arms. The robber struggled. But Yip Man's anus were too powerful for the robber, and his stance was too firm for him. At this moment the dectectives rushed forward and handcuffed the notorious robber and brought him back to their office.

A Tan-sau Movement as demonstrated by the late Grandmaster Yip Man.

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