The 116 Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques is the name of a book being planned for publication ever since the death of my father, the late Grandmaster Yip Man. As the heir of the grandmaster of style of Chinese Kung-fu, I feel it my responsibility to put into print, the techniques of the wooden dummy, which form the essential part of Wing Tsun Kuen, and to allow readers and enthusiasts of martial •rts to understand, through the aid of a set of photos passed to me by my father, the ways of applying these techniques. However, publication of the book was delayed, because I was aware of the fact that many follow tutors of Wing Tsun Style were teaching the Wooden Dummy Techniques in ways quite different from those my father taught me. The «■iMx.'arance of the book might, as I thought earlier, make these tutors fi>«l embarrassed.

During the past year, a tutor edited a book in my name, in which the photos used as illustrations were part of my collection I obtained from my father. I really didn't know how he got these photos. What makes me •irk is the disorderly arrangements of the materials, and the incorrect and incomplete explanations and demonstrations. That book will surely blur the image of my father, and lead readers into misbelief of wrong techniques. That is why I find it necessary to publish my own book.

I wish to thank my kung-fu brother Dr. Leung Ting for offering his opinion throughout the planning of this book, and helping me in every wny when putting it into print.

It it my sincere wish that readers will find this book helpful not only as a reference book of martial arts, but also as an indispensable aid while ink ing courses of Wing Tsun Kung-fu.

by Yip Chun

Director of Yip Man Marital-Art Association

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