Sideward Thrust Kick

* The Sideward Thrust-kick of W.T. can sometimes be applied singly, but in co-ordination with the steps. One of the characteristics of a kick of W.T. is its co-ordination with movements of the arms when it is being launched. For this reason, the Sideward Thrust-kick is usually applied in coordination with the Bong-sau and the Wu-sau as a defensive movement.

A (leftf posing the W.T. Prefighting Posture while facing B. B launches a right roundhouse punch aiming at A's head. Seeing that B's punch is powerful. A steps sideways to the left to evade the coming punch, while applying the Bong-sau to defeat the punching arm.

Having nullified B's roundhouse punch, A immediately launches a Sideward Thrust-kick at B's flank as a counter-attack.

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