The Last Student

From then on, my father became Grandmaster Chan Wah Shun s youngest disciple. He leamt techniques from Grandmaster Chan and practised with his fellow-students such as Ng Chung So and Lui Yu Chai. lie was in fact the last disciple admitted by Chan Wah Shun. That is why when Grandmaster Yip Man grew up and had his own students, he said to them smilingly that his students had only "Elder Kung-fu Uncles", but not "Younger Kung-fu Uncles". From the above description, it bccamc clear that Chan Wah Shun did not make a mistake in accepting my father, for the boy's success in afterwards was really due to his master's un-rescrvcd teaching, and the boy's dedication and effort he put to his studies. His success in his career was not mere luck. Grandmaster Chan died when Yip Man was thirteen years old. At his last minutes, Chan said to his disciple Ng Chung So, "Yip Man is a clever hoy, and is more gifted than others If any of my students is to promote and spread our Wing Tsun techniques with success, Yip Man is the one. It is a regret thai I could not stay longer From now on the duty of teaching him rests on you. Please take good care of him. " Ng Chung So promised to take up the responsibility seconds before Grandmaster Chan died. So Yip Man studied under the guidance of Ng Chung So, with the company of fellow-students such as Yuen Kay Shan and Yiu Choi.

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