The Shape Of The Dummy

he trunk of the Wing Tsun wooden dummy is made of a cylindrical wooden stake of about five feet in length and nine inches in diameter. Other parts of the dummy include the two upper arms, which are stuck into two chiseled mortises at the same height of the upper part of the trunk, the third arm, called the middle arm, which is stuck into a chiseled mortise below the two for tlie upper arms, and the dummy leg which is a short bent stake thicker tli.m the three arms, stuck at a chiseled mortise below that for the middle urm I he above parts together form the body of the dummy, which \% fixed to the supporting frame by two cross-bars, respectively passing through mortised holes at the upper and lower ends of the trunk. The two cross-bars are fixed onto two perpendicular square pillars, called the supporting pillars. The supporting pillars are usually firmly fixed onto the wull or .it the ground, so as to stand heavy strikes.

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Martial Arts An Introduction

Martial Arts An Introduction

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