The Skilful Scholar

When the robber was questioned, he admitted all charges laid against him. He only regretted that he never dreamt that he would be caught by a gentle scholar, because he had so far not met a real antagonist, and that he would not die content. My father smiled and said, "You call me a scholar. Do you think you can defeat me with your techniques?" The robber said, "If I am allowed to fight with you bare-handed. I can defeat you within one minute." Grandmaster yip Man asked his men to unbind the robber, and promised him that if he could win,he would be set free. The two were then ready to have a free fight in the hall of the dectectives office. The robber posed a wide stance, and adopted long bridge-arms, and attacked with thrusting and hanging punches, which seemed fast and powerful. My father dodged left and right, trying to keep himself evasive at first, and avoiding to make direct contact with the robber's punches. He waited for his chance. Suddenly, when the robber had just completed a reverse punch but had not yet withdrawn his arm for another attack, my father advanced, grappled the robber's wrist with his right hand, and pressed down the robber's elbow with his left hand, and exerted a powerful downward pull. The robber lost his balance and fell forward. At this moment, Grandmaster Yip Man raised his right leg to execute an upward knee-thrust at the robber's chest. The robber, having suffered such a deadly attack, fell on the floor, with white foamy saliva coming out from his mouth. Since this incident, my father was well-known as the unarmed scholar-dectective, and Futshan was peaceful and free from crimes during the years when he was being a captain of the dectective squad there.

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