Chain-punches / Alternate-thrusting punches

Rolling-arms f exercise)

Six-&-a-Half-point Long Pole Techniques

Neck-pulling Hand

Inquisitive-arm wooden dummy

Wooden Dummy Techniques indoor area

Free-hand Fighting Practice outdoor area Slap-block Hlbow-hacking

Double-palmsfcomp/ex movement) Triangular (Advancing) Steps three-star dummy / tripodal dummy Praying Thrice to the Buddha Quadrilateral Level Stance Throat-cutting Hand Double-punches (complex movement) upper-level Little Idea form Palm-up Arm

Lifting-arms / Rising of Arms

Elbow-lifting Hand

Freeing-arm (complex movement)



Character "SUN" Fist

"YAV CHI CHUNG KUEN r a - Character SUS Thrustmg Punch

"YEE" CH! KIM YEUNG MA r—- *J Character "TWO" Adduction Stance

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