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Yin Yang Mastery Summary

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The Trigrams And Hexagrams

The 8 trigrams (Ba Gua) and the 64 hexagrams are all derived form the interaction of Yin and Yang. They form the fundamental changes that are possible through these interactions. It was in the Jesuit Priest Father Joachin Bouvet, who did missionary work in China, who showed the sequence of 64 hexagrams to German mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz, the father of calculus. Leibnitz discovered the binary notation system in the hexagrams by taking 0 for each solid line and 1 for each broken line. This system is the fundamental building block of today's computer systems which all work on the binary system. These computers, through the use of the binary system (aka western Yin-Yang notation) are now able to simulate the real world which lends credence to the Chinese theory that the perceivable universe can be explained using the interaction of Yin and Yang. For martial arts these changes represent the possible situations and counters in a combat situation.

Keep The Knee Above The Front Foot

Ii all comes down to understanding the original concept of the universal Tai Chi', the supreme ultimate energy often depicted as a circle divided by a graceful curve (the Tai Chi Tu - the yin-yang symbol see page 128), suggesting movement and change. 'Change' is the key word. The light half of the circle is yang, the dark half yin these two forces, the positive and negative forces of nature, balance and complement each other perfectly in a state of continual harmony. Each one nourishes and supports the other in a perpetual rhythm of change.

The Origins of Pa Kua Chang Part

Kua Chuan For Self Defense

1) Tung Hai-Ch'uan developed Pa Kua Chang after learning Yin Yang Pa P an Chang from Tung Meng-Lin. This version of Pa Kua's origin was published in the 1937 text Yin Yang Pa Pan Chang Fa written by Jen Chih-Ch'eng. The first theory we will examine is the one which claims that Tung Hai-Ch'uan learned Yin Yang Pa P an Chang from Tung Meng-Lin and then created Pa Kua Chang. Regarding the Veracity of Yin Yang Pa P'an Chang as the Precursor of Pa Kua Chang In recent years, there have been books published on martial arts in both China and abroad which rely on the account of Pa Kua Chang's origin given by Jen Chih-Ch'eng in the forward and preface of his 1937 publication Yin Yang Pa Pan Chang Method. Jen's version of Pa Kua Chang's origin claims that Tung's Pa Kua Chang was developed from Yin Yang Pa Pan Chang. In his study. Professor K'ang Ko-Wu researched this claim thoroughly and found it to have no basis in fact. Kang began his investigation by looking into the source of the information...

Preparation for Walking the Circle

As you begin to walk the circle, the palms float upward and separate in what is called the holding the world posture. From there, you turn the waist toward the center of the circle and drop the arms into the classic Ba Gua Zhang guard stance. Wang Shu Jin called this posture, Hands Embracing the Yin Yang Fish Feet Treading on the Ba Gua Diagram. see photo in Swimming Body book, page 1, reprinted on the previous page. Standing in the guard stance is a good time to go over the thirteen basic principles of circle walking and postural alignment which Wang wrote about in his, Ba Gua Swimming Body Palms

And destruction will be swift and beyond doubt

From a health point of view, the Tai Chi form involves constantly contrasting movements, first in one direction, then in another. This method is excellent for improving balance and coordination. The circulation and joint movement are also improved. For example by raising the hands above the head, the heart has to work harder to pump the blood through the arteries against gravity, but the blood flows easily through the veins in the other direction. Lowering the hands of course has the reverse effect. The principle of total body movement applies no matter what direction we are moving in. Now we are dealing with the practical application of Yin Yang theory as directed by the Yi, the intent. If we try to lift an opponent and he resists then we change the force to downward directed force if we pull him forward and he resists we can throw him back if we divert his attack with the left hand then it is natural to hit him simultaneously with the right. This can also be considered applied...

Pa Kua in Britian Ji Jian Cheng

Jian Cheng

When he returned to Longchuan, Ji asked his grandfather about Pa Kua and was told that Pa Kua was in fact a very powerful and effective martial art and that within the apparent softness there could be great strength. From this time Ji became fascinated with Pa Kua and its attendant philosophy and theory. He assiduously studied the Yi-Ching (Book of Changes), the Yin-Yang and Pa Kua theories and how they relate to Pa Kua as a martial art. Having immersed himself in the philosophical and theoretical aspects of Pa Kua he hoped one day to find a Pa Kua teacher but in the area he came from there were none to be found.

Small Circulation Shao Chou Tien Meditation Breathing

Taoist breathing, also known as reverse breathing (Fan Fu ShihJ, is used to prepare the Chi for circulation, and its proper development is crucial. In Taoist breathing the normal movement of the lower abdomen is reversed during inhalation and exhalation. Instead of expanding when inhaling, the Taoist contracts, and vice versa (Fig. 3-6). One must never hold the breath or force the process. Inhale through the nose slowly, keeping the flow smooth and easy and contract and lift the lower abdomen up behind the navel. When the lungs are filled, begin to exhale gently. Inhalation is considered Yin and exhalation is considered Yang. They must operate together like the Yin Yang circle, one becoming the other smoothly and effortlessly in a fluid circular motion. As exhalation occurs, slowly push the Dan Tien and lower abdomen out. The area of the Dan Tien is where the Chi will be produced and accumulated in order to start the Small Circulation. Because of this, the muscles around the Dan Tien...

Methods and Applications of Ba Gua Specialty Weapons

Mandrian Duck Knives

The Rooster Knives, also known as the Rooster Claw Yin Yang Blades, were a specialty weapon of Liang Zhang Pu. When applied properly, they are particularly vicious. As seen in the photo, stabbing, tearing, and clawing happen at almost every angle-of application. Like the rooster itself, these blades have a head, feathers, claws, and even a tail. There is even a eye for placement of poison if so desired.

Advanced Circle Walking Training to Fight

Sb2c John Montgomery

While each school of Ba Gua will have their own methods for developing the advanced circle walk practice, in this article we will explain the advanced practice as it is taught by Park Bok Nam. In Park's system the first practice a student will graduate to after the basic circle walk is the yin-yang circle walking pattern as shown in the diagram below (the arrows indicate the walking pattern) and the photographs on the previous page. The changing of the palms in this pattern is executed as the practitioner transitions The yin-yang pattern is the first of the many patterns that are practiced as part of Park's pole training. After the student has practiced the yin-yang pattern around one central pole and become proficient in the mechanics and timing of these movements, the practitioner will then begin to practice walking a figure-eight pattern around two poles. From there the student will progress to walking a double figure-eight around three poles. This pattern is demonstrated in the...

The Fundamentals of Ba Gua Broadsword

Double Broadsword Chinese

Once the student has transitioned through all of the various broadsword foundational exercises, he is then required to combine those exercises with footwork drills, both linear and circular. After the student shows a degree of skill in the coordination of the basic sword movements as they are combined with basic footwork, several different straight line and circle walking forms are taught. Next the student is taught a deeper level of Ba Gua broadsword application by embarking on circle walking pole training with the broadsword. Here the student learns how to employ circle walking footwork of various types (yin yang footwork, spirals, small circles, figure eights, etc. as described in The Fundamentals of Ba Gua Zhang, Volume II) with the broadsword in hand. Training with the broadsword while moving amongst the poles helps the student learn how to apply the broadsword methods in combination with circular footwork. The goal of this training is to teach the student how to remain...

When did you meet your Ba Gua Zhang teacher Huang Jin Sheng

I lived in Taipei city for six years and then I moved down south when my wife and I decided to open up our own English language school. We moved down to a place called Pu Li. It is down in the middle of the island near Sun Moon Lake. It was there that I found an old mainlander who taught Yin Yang Ba Gua. I did a little of that with him. I also called around to the next county and to Tai Chung to the martial arts associations to locate a Ba Gua teacher and finally was able to meet Huang Jin Sheng.

Falun Law Wheel and Falun Gong

A It can only be said that the color of a Falun is golden yellow. This color does not exist in our dimension. The background color of the inner circle is a very bright red. The background of the outer circle is orange. There are two red-and-black Taichi (Yin-Yang) symbols, which belong to the Tao School. There are also two other red-and-blue Taichi symbols, which belong to the Great Pre-Taoism School. These are two different schools. The swastika symbol rt is golden yellow. People with Tianmu (third eye) of a lower level see the Falun rotate similar to an electric fan. If one can see it clearly, it is very beautiful and can inspire the practitioner to cultivate even harder and strive forward vigorously.

Small has no inside big has no outside

I do not know much about science, but I do know my culture Chinese culture, which has survived for thousands of years. The principles of Yin and Yang, the Wu Xing, Five Elements, and Bagua tell us the principles of the universe. I call it 'Chinese Science' and, like Chinese medicine, it is totally different from that of the West. We use herbs which come from the earth, which is where we all If we understand Yin and Yang we know that if we see one side' then there must be another to balance it, otherwise it cannot exist (unless it is the centre). There is only one centre which is steady and stable -for example, we have only one nose and one mouth, which are at the centre of the face, but we have a pair of eyes and a pair of ears, which are not at the centre. We live on a planet and we know that we are not at the centre of the universe. So this means there must be some other planet the same as ours in the universe, because we exist according to the principle of Yin and Yang. By...

Training Equipment

For some people, martial-arts school conjures up images of wooden dummies and makiwara, racks of weapons, and walls covered in yin-yang symbols and pictures of the founder. Others imagine a dimly lit gym with battered heavy bags, weight benches, and dangling speed bags arranged around a ring or a cage. A martial-arts school might look like that . . . or an ordinary hardwood gym strewn with wrestling mats . . . or a shallow dirt pit . . . or a clearing in the woods


One night she asked her grandfather Why do we practise at midnight and not in the day time . He said Do you know why the Morning Glory blooms at four o'clock in the morning, why the Peony smiles at seven, Tuberose releases it's fragrant smell at eight In the morning from three to five o'clock is the 'Yin' time (this Yin refers to the third hour of the Chinese clock, not as in Yin and Yang). The Qi runs through the lung channels, strengthening them. This is a good time to practise, at this time your Qi will be stronger. Sigong first talked about his philosophy of life. Your life should be like the taijitu (what is often wrongly called the yin-yang symbol), constantly flowing, never stagnant. Some people are lucky -they have a lot, so their taijitu is a big circle. Others don't have much, and their taijitu is a small circle. What ever your situation, how big or small your taijitu, so long as you keep it rotating you will be O.K.

Qigong Iron Throat

Iron Throat Qigong

This yin yang pair for the year of birth is the first of the 'Four Pillars of Destiny'. From this information you can make some rough, very general statements about a person. If you know all Four Pillars you can make a more accurate analysis. The month, the day and the hour determine the other three Pillars.

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Ch'i Ch'uan (also spelled Taiji Quan, T'ai Chi Chuan and many other ways) is the most advanced of the Chinese internal fighting styles. It is best known in the West as a yoga-like type of exercise, but it has martial applications as well, as its name ( supreme ultimate fist or yin-yang boxing ) indicates.

Yin Yang Balance

Yin Yang Balance

Achieve Health, Wealth And Body Balance Through Yin Yang Mastery. Cut up on the old stone drums of Republic of China, inscribed in books handed down through thousands of years, traced on ancient saucers and on saucers made today, is a sign and a symbol. It is woven into textiles, stitched into embroideries, emblazoned over house gates, wrought into shop emblems, a circle, locked together inside it yang and yin yang, light, yin, dark, each carrying inside itself the essence of the other, each shaped to the other

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