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Zox Pro Training system is the result of cooperation between Richard Welch, the founder of brain management CEO of Educom, Inc and Shannon Panzo, a mental photography and brain management expert. This program was designed to teach people how to discover the potential of their brain with just a few simple steps. Unlike speed reading, photo reading is a much advanced technique which uses our photographic memory to record the information and by learning it a person can really become a genius. The concept is about storing the required information in the form of images and when you build a strong rapport with your subconscious mind- this information can flow astonishingly as if you are downloading the stuff on your computer. This program asks you to dedicate 10 minutes from everyday and I assure that few improvements can be seen quickly but for very satisfying results, you need to be enthusiastic and persistent with it for a long time. If you have got a week memory like forgetting keys, glasses and remotes etc, then you will be the one to see the fastest improvements for sure. Read more...

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Contents: Training System
Creator: Richard Welsh and Shannon Panzo
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Price: $197.00

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Zox Pro Training Companion Product

This Simple To Use System Will Dramatically Improve Your Results With The Zox Pro Training System & Will Totally Change Your Life Quicker & Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible! In fact, when you use our simple set of audio recordings youll immediately start to improve Your memory and mind power! Increase your mental clarity and awareness. Dramatically improve your concentration and focus. Boost your self esteem and self confidence. Require less sleep and yet have much more energy! Become much happier and experience more health and well being. Reduce stress and become much more relaxed and peaceful. Become much more organized and effective. Skyrocket your IQ and awaken your inner genius Take your results with the Zox Pro Training System to new levels! Read more...

Zox Pro Training Companion Product Summary

Contents: Audios
Creator: Todd Lee
Official Website:
Price: $97.00

Alleviating depression

Have you noticed that after a meal you often feel tired and sleepy This is because most of the energy in your body goes to your stomach to digest the food. As a result your brain loses energy, your mind is not as clear, and you feel sleepy. The same is true of what we drink. Only pure water is absorbed directly from other liquids, such as supermarket soft drinks and alcohol, the body has to separate out the beneficial elements and eliminate the negative ones. Even something healthy like fresh fruit juice cannot be absorbed directly to become part of us. So whenever we eat or drink, we need to use our energy our Qi. Sometimes when you wake up in the morning you will still feel tired and sleepy. This is because there is a right and a wrong way to sleep, and you have picked the wrong way. If at night you just lie down on your bed without any preparation, you are not sleeping you are collapsing And when you lie down and close your eyes it does not necessarily mean you are resting. Your...

The High Intensity Mistake

Failure being the only effective stimulus for muscle growth is as idiotic as claiming aerobic capability can only be increased if you reach the state of near cardiac arrest. The truth is, there is no such thing as failure. There's only that point within a given range where your brain and nerve endings say enough Yes, it's imperative to get as far into the pain zone as possible in order to grow. But you don't have to live there every day -- every workout -- every set.

Against More Than One Attacker

Defences against more than one attackcr arc not impossible, especially if you use some brain power. In the following scenario imagine that the conflict has rcachcd a stage where it is no longer avoidable. The other guys are intent on hurting you. All gangs have a leader. He's probably the guy who got them all interested in picking on you in the first place and he's the one you should go for if you feel up to it. After fixing him with another hard Zen stare, which lets him know he's got problems, you should attack with a pre-emptive strike. Running at him, striking and grappling him with the intention of breaking past him and getting away from them all. It must be said that the best form of defence against multiple attacks is that you must use your brain and usually your mouth to get you out of trouble although I know that won't necessarily always work.

Standing Like A Tree In Chinese Zhan Zhuang Is A Unique Chi Kung

Zhang Zhuang Tantien Hands

The techniques for personal development in this book have traditionally been practiced in the martial arts. But the high levels of energy they generate help to transform everyday life. They increase your stamina and brain power. The results work wonders in demanding professions. They give you resilience in high-stress environments and unlock astonishing creative power in the performing arts.

Removal Of Pain Avoidance Of Pain

Have all seen far too many cases of this and know it's true. (For example the coach in the ball game who runs up and down the side lines, kicking the ground and the players and screaming and shouting at the referee, the player who can't make a shot because he is so nervous and anxiety ridden, the player who jumps off sides several times or who starts fights for the slightest provocation.) The problem with these people is that they have lost control of their body by letting their mind become confused and disoriented. Your mind cannot think of two things at once and do a good job on either one. You must have a calm mind if you want to make the shot, or to think the play out. Your mind tells and directs your muscles to perform as they have been conditioned but if your mind is racing between being upset and making the shot, being angry and being relaxed then the muscles get contradictory information to them and subsequently do not perform as programmed but become dis-coordinated. The...

Every Day Will Not Be Your Best

Always remember that we were all created with equal rights, but different bodies. You know YOUR body better than anyone else. Listen to your body and make adjustments. There is no better feedback mechanism than the messages that your muscles send to your brain. If you are completely exhausted and sore, take some time to recover.

Introduction to Enlightenment

The lesser kan and it (opening the first four chakras or learning to run the microcosmic orbit) have become very easy to replicate in those who are willing to make the time to learn to breathe properly, and the transition to Kundalini is becoming so smooth that even the untrustworthy over-thirty crowd is going through it without taking damage. (Hindu term for connecting your genitals to your brain via the spinal column. The safer Chinese method for making this same energy connection is called the greater kan and

The Hands Tell the Story

The left palm will become slowly yin shaped ahead of the right, which will follow behind the left. At the same time, your waist begins to turn slightly to your right and your weight begins to move forward onto the balls of your feet, weight on the right foot. This is OK as you are only placing the weight onto the front of your foot for a short time. (Photo No.95). As your left palm reaches its zenith, your waist is now beginning to turn back to your left in fact, it is again pointing to the North. (You began facing the North). Your weight is now changing from your right foot to your left, still on the balls. (Photo No.96). You are now beginning to exhale. As your waist turns to your left, your weight begins to move back to the heels and your left hand is moving back to its starting position with the right palm not too far behind. Notice that the palms although they are both yang shaped, one is more so than the other. Also notice that your eyes have...

The Method Instruction Adopted By Zen Masters

If you want to secure Dhyana, let go of your anxieties and failures in the past let past be past cast aside enemity, shame, and trouble, never admit them into your brain let pass the imagination and anticipation of future hardships and sufferings let go of all your annoyances, vexations, doubts, melancholies, that impede your speed in the race of the struggle for existence. As the miser sets his heart on worthless dross and accumulates it, so an unenlightened person clings to worthless mental dross and spiritual rubbish, and makes his mind a dustheap. Some people constantly dwell on the minute details of their unfortunate circumstances, to make themselves more unfortunate than they really are some go over and over again the symptoms of their disease to think themselves into serious illness and some actually bring evils on them by having them constantly in view and waiting for them. A man asked Poh Chang (Hyakujo) How shall I learn the Law Eat when you are hungry, replied the teacher...

On the Issue of Healing Illnesses ipi5

Some people said that they could teach you how to treat diseases and you could do it in three or five days. They would teach you the grabbing method. Show me that Human beings are the weakest while that evil intelligent entity is very ferocious. It controls your brain and easily plays you. It can even easily end your life. If you say that you can grab it, how With your ordinary person's hand you cannot reach it. You may grab here and there, which is ridiculous. It ignores you and laughs at you. If you really touch it, it will hurt your hand instantly. That is a real wound I saw in the past some people whose hands were all right. Any physical examination showed they were in good health with no diseases and the two hands were all right. But they could not raise their hands and kept them hanging down in the way they did them. I have seen one such patient. His hand in another space was injured, which means it was really disabled. If that hand of yours is hurt, will you not be disabled...

Demonic Interference from ones Own Mind

Everything within your field of space is dictated by the consciousness of your brain. Namely, if you look with your Celestial Eye peacefully without any mental activities, what you see will be true. If you start to think slightly, what you see will all be unreal. This is called the demonic interference from one's own mind or mind transformation. It is because some practitioners do not treat themselves as practitioners and can not control themselves. Such a person seeks after supernormal capabilities and is obsessed by minor skills and abilities or even by hearing something from other spaces. He is obsessed with pursuing such abilities. This kind of person easily develops demonic interference from themselves, and drops down. No matter how high up such a person has cultivated, he will drop all the way down to the bottom, and fail completely once this problem arises. It is matter of extremely serious consequences. Unlike things in the other aspects, if one fails to pass an...

The Neck

For some reason, fighters choose to neglect their necks. Neck strength is paramount to prevent a knockout. A knockout is caused by the acceleration of the brain following a punch or kick. You are knocked out when your head snaps back at a speed that accelerates your brain too fast. You can overcome the glass jaw syndrome that many fighters have by strengthening your neck.


The ability to relax cannot be overemphasized and can be defined for our use to mean the ability to leave the game out of your body, but keep it in your mind. Too many coaches and players lose points, games and get ulcers because they cannot control their tempers or attitudes during the game situation. They have let their reactions be determined by the actions of other people, referees, or players. Therefore, they find themselves like puppets on a string, ranting and raving, or awkward and clumsy because they have destroyed the delicate relationship between the body and the mind. They have let their emotions take a disproportionate part in their actions and because of that they have lost their style, poise and grace. We have all seen far too many cases of this and know it's true. (For example the coach in the ball game who runs up and down the side lines, kicking the ground and the players and screaming and shouting at the referee, the player who can't make a shot because he is so...

Final Word

You should make your quest for optimal fitness a lifelong mission. You must continually search for new ways to improve your condition. Experiment and use your brain. Too many athletes today wish to be spoon-fed, rather than think for themselves. You must exercise your mind as well as your body if you truly wish to be successful (in competition and in life).

By Tim Cartmell

Within the minimum bounds of Safe Distance, it is physically impossible to prevent him from striking you if he moves quickly and directly. This is true because of the minimum amount of time it takes to process the information of the attack mentally then react to it physically. Reaction to stimuli requires a certain basic minimum interval of time if the opponent is too close and launches a swift attack, your brain will not be able to respond quickly enough to allow for efficient defensive action. Although training will sharpen reflexes and decrease response time, once you allow the opponent inside Safe Distance his initiating the attack will preclude any hope of defense, even with trained reflexes. Since fast punches thrown in rapid succession will move so quickly the brain will be unable to respond with an effective defense, our defensive strategy should be based on dealing with the very source of the opponent's power, his torso, and not on his hands and feet. While the hand may be...


Some qigong masters say I will help you develop your supernormal capabilities. What supernormal capabilities could they develop One's supernormal capabilities will not work without energy. Could you bring them into play when they have not come out yet Could you develop them when they have not yet been strengthened into shape by his energy It is totally impossible. What they mean by developing supernormal capabilities is no more than an association of his already formed supernormal capability with your brain, and under the command of the intention in your brain it will function. That is what they mean by developing supernormal capabilities. Actually they have not developed one's supernormal capabilities, but they only did such a little bit.

Brain Blaster

Brain Blaster

Have you ever been envious of people who seem to have no end of clever ideas, who are able to think quickly in any situation, or who seem to have flawless memories? Could it be that they're just born smarter or quicker than the rest of us? Or are there some secrets that they might know that we don't?

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