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Winsome Coutts, a mother of two and a grandmother, has a teacher's certification in education and she has taught several schools in Australia and Canada. She has also written hundreds of articles concerning self-development. Winsome has a passion for the Law of attraction, meditation, Self-help of Personal development, goal setting, and the secret movie. She decided to engage in the pursuit of knowledge in the mentioned areas throughout her life. Winsome has considerable experience raising children following her studies in Child psychology at University, and as a past teacher, a parent, and a grandparent. She knows that when children learn how to plan for their future and how to achieve their goals, they have a skill that will last them a lifetime. Winsome personally studied with two popular teachers, John Demartini and Bob Proctor and both are featured in The Secret' movie. For several decades since the early 90s, she has been goal setting for kids, visualizing, and applying the law of attraction. The law of attraction for kids is the first book ever to describe the law of attraction and the term goal setting. The language employed is simple for your children to understand and it will answer any question about the life-changing topics in a more detailed parent's guide. More here...

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Highly Recommended

It is pricier than all the other books out there, but it is produced by a true expert and includes a bundle of useful tools.

This ebook served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

Alleviating depression

However, if you meditate before going to bed, you will be in a relaxed state. In meditation there are two kinds of images created by the mind. The first will take our energy and affect our state of calmness and balance these are called distracting thoughts, for example thoughts about your work, your family, your plans etc. The others come naturally, and you might see pictures of trees, flowers, people and so on that make you feel peaceful and relaxed. Spontaneous thoughts of this kind will help your mind and your energy to develop.

To follow the Buddha is an advancement in life

Average people consider that good things in life consist of a happy family with many children, good health, wealth and holding high social positions, and this is certainly true to some extent. But according to Buddhism, these are good fruits, not the good seeds. If we want to continue to enjoy the good fruits then we must not be content with what we have at the time. This is because good times will eventually come to an end. Only by accumulating good seeds (performing wholesome acts) can we maintain and progress towards a better life.

Simultaneous Cultivation of Zhen Shan and

It's not easy to forbear when confronted with problems. Some say, If you don't hit back when beaten, don't talk back when slandered, or if you forbear even when you lose face in front of your family, relatives, and good friends, haven't you turned into Ah Q 53 I say that if you act normal in all regards, if your intelligence is no less than that of others, and if it's only that you have taken lightly the matter of personal gain, no one is going to say you are foolish. Being able to forbear is not weakness, and neither is it being like Ah Q. It is a display of strong will and self-restraint. There was a person in Chinese history named Han Xin54 who once suffered the humiliation of crawling between someone's legs. That was great forbearance. There is an ancient saying When an everyday person is humiliated, he will draw his sword to fight. It means that when a common person is humiliated, he will draw his sword to retaliate, will swear at others, or will throw punches at them. It's not...

Regarding weak areas GPP training can often fix these weak muscles As mentioned before for young athletes the weak

Can you build your own chin - dip equipment I did see a guy who built his pull up & dip stations in his back yard He installed pressure treated wood into the ground. The wood looked like thick rail road ties and was probably purchased from Home Depot. Then, he drilled a bar in between the wooden beams for pull ups. The dip apparatus looked like a set of gymnastic parallel bars. There were 4 upright beams of wood in the ground - then 2 bars for the dips - the dip bar was a bit longer, looked more like gymnastics parallel bars. These bars looked like pipes of some sort. If your or your family members are handy, then make it yourself

Demonic Interference during Practice

There is still another issue concerning this matter. As we know, we practitioners carry energy in our bodies. Now about 80 to 90 of the people here from this class will not only recover from their illnesses but also grow some cultivation energy. Thus, your body is carrying very powerful energy. The energy you carry in your body and your current Xinxing are not proportional. Your cultivation energy is temporarily high because it has been promoted instantly. Your Xinxing is being upgraded at the moment. Gradually, you will catch up with your cultivation energy. You are certain to catch up within this period of time. As a result, we have promoted your cultivation energy in advance. In other words, you have got a certain amount of energy now. Because energy cultivated from the Orthodox Law is upright and compassionate, everyone sitting here all feels an atmosphere of serenity and compassion. I have cultivated myself this way, and carry such a thing with me. Everyone sitting here can feel...

Featuring The Latest Gracie Family Techniques

Ryron and Rener Gracie, third generation Gracie Family members, sharing some of the most recent technical innovations, strategies and training tips complementing the teachings from the original instructional series. These new features are guaranteed to take your understanding of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to the next level.

On the Issue of Killing

And mosquitoes are in the house, we may drive them out, and install a screen window to keep them out. But, sometimes we cannot drive them out, so it is no problem to kill them. They bite and harm people in their homes, so they should be driven out as they are not allowed to bite people. If you can not drive them out, you should not ignore them when they are biting people. Although as practitioners you are not affected and are immune to them, other family members who are ordinary non-practitioners may catch contagious illnesses. We should not allow a mosquito to bite a child's face.

Fu Zhen Songs Student Liang Qiang Ya Talks About FuS Famous Tornado Power

Hsing Internal Power Exercise

Imagine this - you are thirteen years old and have an interest in studying martial arts one day your Uncle (married to your father's sister) brings one of the most famous and highly skilled martial artists in China over to your home and asks your family if this guy could live there with you. This is a man who had studied Chen style Tai Ji with the Chen family, studied Ba Gua with one of Dong Hai Chuan's (ic i'l) direct students (Jia Feng Ming - f Jf jy and one of Yin Fu's ( f* ) students (Ma Gui - -f), studied Wu Dang sword with Li Jing Lin ( and has been close personal friends with Sun Lu Tang 0 it), Yang Cheng Fu and many other of China's famous martial artists. Sound like a fantasy or a story line to a Hong Kong Kung Fu flick Maybe so, but this is exactly what happened in 1945 to a thirteen year old Liang Qiang Ya. His uncle, Sun Bao Gang 1), one of Fu Zhen Song's top students, brought Fu Zhen

Turning the body to look at the moon

The Chinese like the moon very much that's why our calendar follows the lunar cycle. Many people like to come together as a family at night to enjoy the moonlight and listen to the older family members telling stories. In this movement you turn your body sideways by about 135 degrees, which strengthens the kidneys and stomach, improves the circulation and can help you to lose weight. Breathe in on either side, and out on the opposite side.

The Professional Army Ethic

Your unit is your piece of the Army's action, your day-to-day part of the Army. By contributing to your unit's mission and combat readiness, you contribute to the defense of the nation. The unit is your family, your team. Loyalty to the unit means that you place the unit's needs and goals ahead of your own.

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A reply to Mr Gao Shi Xiong

The deterioration of physical health is the result of the unfavourable environment and your anxiousness to see your family. You should not worry about your health only. Instead, you should be concerned about the grief that has arisen due to your unfavourable environment and homesickness. If you keep on worrying about the unfavourable environment and the unreachable home, you are in fact torturing yourself more, and it will be impossible for your health to recover. Your should consider, can your grief and worry help to change your unfavourable environment and reunite your family Of course it cannot. And in actual fact it will only worsen your health. Therefore it is useless for you to worry. By practising the teachings of the Buddha, we should learn to look from a wider and higher perspective. By understanding and developing faith in the Dharma, we should learn to let go our worthless worries. With regard to families, if the conditions are not fulfilled, even if you live in your...

The Kundalini Experience

As this experience was winding down, my life began to pass before my eyes as if I were watching a movie running backwards in slow motion. I got to watch how I'd screwed up important relationships and what lessons I'd learned or failed to learn in my interactions with others. Most of the important learnings took place when I was very young. Like the song goes, Teach your children well.

The Life of Tung Hai Chuan and the History of his Tomb

Tung Hai Chuan

Tung Hai-Ch'uan was a native of Hebei Province, Wen An county, Chu Chia Wu township. The Tung family moved to Chu Chia Wu from Pa county, K'ai Kou township (also in Hebei). They were originally known as the Tung's of K'ai Kou. The exact date Tung Hai-Ch'uan was born varies depending on the source. Some articles say that he was born as early as 1796 while others say that he was born as late as 1816. While working on his Masters degree thesis on the origins of Pa Kua Chang, Professor K'ang Ko-Wu of Beijing conducted an investigation into the most probable date ofTung's birth. K'ang interviewed a number ofTung's family relations in his home town of Chu Chia Wu. While Tung's birth date was not recorded, his family members did have knowledge ofTung's age in relation to other family members who's birth dates were recorded. Through his research K'ang determined that Tung was born in 1813.

After you left the Tang Shou Tao school where did you go to study

Cao Lianfang Taiji

Next I studied with a teacher named Chen Zuo Zhen I met him through his senior student, Tom Harbough, who had been in Taiwan many years and lived in the same place that I did. Chen Zuo Zhen grew up in the central part of Taiwan and was an inner door disciple of a very famous White Crane teacher who invented his own branch of the White Crane called Xu Xi Dao, a combination of the Southern crane and Tai Ji Quan. Later on, when Chen moved to Taipei, he studied Xing Yi Quan with Cao Lian Fang (t M), a famous Xing Yi teacher from Shanghai. He studied with Cao Lian Fang for 15 years and was one of his two main students. He practiced Xing Yi and Yang style Tai Ji. The Yang style Tai Ji came directly from the Yang family. Cao Lian Fang had studied with one of the Yang family members before he left the mainland. The Xing Yi was from Cao Lian Fang's teacher Jin Yun Ting who was one of Shang Yun Xiang's (

Counters To Kicks18

Personal, family, and unit readiness are essential components of mission readiness. Personal readiness refers to an individual Marine's organization for daily living. Family readiness is an extension of personal readiness to include the wider circle of a Marine's family members. Unit readiness includes manpower, training, and equipment factors. (4) Medical Dental Readiness Issues. Missing or incomplete records cause and administrative burden and hinder proper treatment. Missed appointments do the same. For family members this can be aggravated by failure to enroll dependents in the DEERS system and the Tri-care program. (5) Support Programs. Educate yourself and your Marines concerning the various support programs available to assist the individual Marine and family members as part of the readiness program. These include the unit Family Readiness Officer (FRO), Chaplain, Base and Station Family Service Center (FSC), Key Volunteer Network, Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP),...

Exercise Iron Shirt Tie Bu Shan Gong

The exercise Iron Shirt is hard GONG FU for the development of the external force. If you combine this exercise with training the internal power by means of TONG JIA GONG ( The art of a child , or Children's exercises a complex of 16 exercises for teaching children develops flexibility, equilibrium, control of breath, steadiness, and speed), you can attain the same result as in GONG FU Covering with Gold Bell . However, it is not easy to reach success, that's why the people in command of this GONG FU can be seldom found.

Lo TeHsiu Carrying On the Tradition of Chang Chun Fengs Pa Kua Chang

Today the Northerners who brought the internal styles of martial arts to Taiwan in the late 40's and early 50's have either passed away or are too old to teach. Even the first group of Taiwanese who were taught by the mainlanders are now old and retiring. For the most part, the students of these students who studied during the 60's and 70's are now busy raising children and supporting their families and don't have much time for martial arts. It is very difficult to find individuals teaching Pa Kua -Chang or Hsing-I Ch'uan today in Taiwan who have over twenty years in the art, still practice hard everyday, and teach their art openly and with enthusiasm. They have not disappeared completely however, because Lo Te-Hsiu is one such individual.

Supernormal Capability of Total Recall

How can many qigong masters cure diseases Why do they go in for the treatment of disease Some people may think about the matter. Most of such qigong masters do not go the right way. In the course of cultivation a true qigong master will find that all beings are suffering. He is allowed to help the sufferer out of compassion and sympathy. But he cannot cure the disease. He can only repress it temporarily, or postpone it so that you will suffer from it in the future, or transfer it to other members of your family. He is unable to completely eradicate the karma for you. This is the reason why it is permitted to eliminate the karma only for cultivators, not for ordinary people.

Practice Principles and Methods

A Many of you who are sitting here have already seen the presence of Falun in your homes. Family members have also started to benefit from it. As we have mentioned, there exist many dimensions simultaneously and at the same location, and your home is no exception. It needs to be cleaned up. The way to clean it up is generally through getting rid of the bad things and then installing a shield so that nothing bad can find its way in. Q If family members conduct themselves improperly and do not follow Zhen-Shan-Ren (truthfulness, benevolence, forbearance), what should we do A If your family members do not practice Falun Gong, this is not a problem. The main issue is to cultivate yourself. Cultivate yourself and do not think too much. You also have to be a little easygoing. Spend more effort on yourself. A The issue of sexual lust was discussed previously. At your current level, you are not asked to become a monk or a nun. You are asking yourself to be one. The key is to ask you to let go...

On the Issue of Eating Meat

When you can eat meat again, both your attachment to and the desire for meat have gone. A great change may occur that meat will no longer taste inviting to you. There will be such a state you will eat meat with your family if it is prepared at home, and will not miss eating it if it is not in the meal as it does not taste delicious. However, cultivation among ordinary people is rather complicated. If your family always cooks meat, you may, over some time, find meat very tasteful again. Such a relapse will occur later on, and it may be repeated many times during the process of one's cultivation. Suddenly, you may not be able to eat meat again, and do not eat it when you can not do so. You will vomit if you eat it. Wait until you can eat it and follow the natural course. Eating meat or not eating meat itself is not the purpose. The key point is letting go of that attachment.

Sun replied that he could stand any kind of suffering as long as he could study martial arts

One day Sun Lu-T'ang's Uncle was preparing to send a gift to his scholar friend Chang and asked Sun to write the name and address on the package. When Chang received the gift he was more impressed with the calligraphy on the package than he was with the gift which was inside. Chang went to visit Sun's Uncle to ask who had written the calligraphy. When he found out that it was his friend's nephew who had written the calligraphy, Chang said, You never told me you had a young man in your family with such talent. Chang told Sun, who was about 15 at the time, that he could come to his home as often as he would like and learn more about calligraphy. During his spare time Sun began to go to Chang's house to practice. It was there that he first met the martial artist Li K'uei-Yuan. Upon meeting Sun, Li found him to be an upright and intelligent boy. Learning that Sun had a background in martial arts, Li offered to teach him Hsing-I Ch'uan. Sun's love for martial arts had not faded and he was...

Demonic Interference from ones Own Mind

Demonic interference from one's own mind also has other forms interference from dead relatives who cry to beg you to do this or that. All kinds of things could happen. Will your mind stay unaffected You are very fond of this child of yours, and love your parents. Your parents, who have passed away, told you to do something All those are the things that you should not do, otherwise they will ruin your cultivation. It is just so hard to be a practitioner. It is said that Buddhism has been in chaos. It has absorbed the Confucian doctrines, such as showing filial obedience to parents, love for children, etc., which are not Buddhist principles. What does it mean Since Yuanshen (the True Spirit) is a human being's real life, the mother who gave birth to your True Spirit is your real mother. In the course of the Sixfold Path of Transmigration, the number of your mothers who are human or non-human beings is countless. The number of your sons and daughters is also numerous throughout your...

Issue of Pursuit

Many people have entered into our cultivation field with an attachment of pursuit. Some crave after supernormal capabilities some want to hear the theory some hope to be cured of their diseases some intend to get a Falun. They have come here with various desires. Some even said to me, One of my family members didn't come to attend the lecturing session. I'll pay the tuition. Would you please give him a Falun How can you expect to get a Falun, a product of so many generations' efforts which was formed in an extremely long period with a horrifying number of years, by spending dozens of Yuan How can we give it to each of you without conditions It is simply because you want to be a cultivator. This heart can never be bought with money. It means that you have developed your Buddha-nature. Therefore, we can do such a thing for you.

Eye strikes

Note These techniques may seem horrible and repulsive to you as a decent, moral individual, but remember a rapist is not a decent, moral person. He does not care one bit about you or your family. Nor does he care if he leaves you bleeding, broken boned, or even dying in the street. You have the right to defend yourself against these unwarranted attacks, and these strikes you have learned will definitely stop him if done properly.

Cultivation Insanity

Only under a very special circumstance if this person has very good inborn qualities, can the method of insanity be applied to him. On the condition that this person has absolutely no hope and can not return to the origin on his own, such a method might be adopted in order to make him really go insane. A certain portion of his brain will be made disfunctional. For instance, our human beings are afraid of cold and filth. The portions of his brain that fear cold and filth will be made disfunctional. After some brain functions have been disabled, this person will become mentally disordered and appear to be insane. Yet, such a person often does not commit any wrongdoing, neither does he swear at people nor beat people. He often does good deeds. However, he is very cruel to himself. Because he is unaware of being cold, he would run around with bare feet in the snow and wear thin clothes in the winter time. His feet may be frozen and bleed. Because he is unaware of filth, he dares to eat...

B To repent

Some people cannot even read the readily written procedures, hence, they invite the monks or nuns to lead them during the repentance. As time passes, it gradually turns out to be that these people do not even know that they should repent, and only employ the monks and nuns to repent for them. Some, when their parents or family members pass away, in order to release the past evil karma of the parents and the other family members, invite the monks or nuns to do a repentance service for them. They hope that relying on the merits of the Triple Gem, the death may be relieved from the realms of suffering. However, sometimes they do not understand the real purpose of the teaching and only emphasise on how big the ceremony should be or do it for the sake of tradition, and spend money to employ the monks or nuns to do the services for them. They do not have faith in Buddhism, and do not show any sincerity in repenting themselves. In this case the purpose of these repentance services will not...

Trapping etc

Crossing, hooking, and binding are the children of trapping, so we will deal with them as one big happy family. They are designed to put your opponent into an unfavorable position while you wreak havoc on his frail little body. In other words, he shouldn't be able to do anything but try to escape, if it's done right.

Range of Alignments

Lawful clans, surprisingly, are more likely to permit members of all alignments, because they are more likely to keep faith with family tradition (and, inevitably, there will have been family members of opposing alignments in the family history). Because Oriental philosophy involves themes of self-enlightenment, a lawful clan will generously allow members of other alignments the opportunity to learn how to correct their behavior. However, clan members of non-lawful alignments are more likely to be closely watched. Neutral clans tend to act in their own self-interest, and so are likely to deal harshly with the family members who cause trouble for the family. Neutral clans might allow opposed alignments, but not members whose alignments are strongly opposed to the clan alignment or goals.

Knife Fighting20

Pride in yourself and the Marine Corps. Remember that certain sexual conduct and practices can bring discredit upon the Marine Corps as well as shame and embarrassment to you and your family. This should always be a consideration when making important life decisions.

Infants and children

PARENTS AND CHILDREN Try some of the standing exercises with your child or children. The effect on them is likely to be pacifying and help them to sleep. Try reading them a story while they stand. Their minds will be on the story, and you will find that they can stand right through it. They'll probably be calm and ready to sleep. The chances are they will have good dreams as well. If your child has a minor accident, such as a tumble, ask him or her to stand in one of the Zhan Zhuang positions for a few moments. This will help the circulation, reduce bruising, and help restore some self-control, regardless of the initial shock and tears.


To get the proper benefit out of this book on self-defense you must find some techniques or defensive actions that you feel comfortable doing, and that you would actually do in a crisis situation. Perhaps you could not, under any circumstances, force yourself to stick a pen into an assailant's eye, or perhaps you are too frightened to try to kick him in the groin. I am not suggesting a personality change, that you become tough and indifferent to others' lives, thereby enabling you to stick a pen into an assailant's eyes, but I am asking you to become aware of your responsibility as a citizen and a parent. That you could never stick his eye to defend yourself is your decision but if someone is attacking your neighbor or your children, you have the responsibility to help them to defend themselves. And so you must find some of these techniques you feel comfortable with and make up your mind that you will do them if you find yourself or your family under attack.

Sifu Yang Meijun

Wing Chun Polo Shirt

I absolutely recommend everyone to watch this DVD. It is a programme about global warming presented by Al Gore in a very enlightening and educating way. It is obvious that an enormous amount of research has been done behind the scenes but the facts are illustrated in such a way that everyone can connect them. It made me realise how urgent the need is for all of us to do something if we want to save our planet. It is our home, after all. I also recommend you to introduce the DVD to your family, schools and friends. I always enjoy going to Rome, Italy, as the people there are always full of energy and, like Chinese people, they like to eat and make it an event with lots of talking and laughing. I like this kind of atmosphere because it brings up the happiness in everybody and creates a strong family feeling.


Brain Line Drawing

The combination of our confrontational society and increasing amounts of neurological stressors means that we are bound to develop pent-up aggression. Stores of stress hormones sit waiting to be released by our behaviour, awaiting the right trigger to let them go off with a bang. That trigger might be a minor traffic incident, it may be some lemon staring at you across the bar, or something as simple as one of your children spilling juice on the carpet. Once triggered, the pent-up aggression explodes in an uncontrolled manner that can change the course of your life, for the worse, forever.

By John D Bracy

Bagua Circle Walking

When I first contacted my Ba Gua family in Beijing to tell them that I was planning to attend, I was surprised to learn that no one from my immediate family was planning to be there. In fact, some family members tried to discourage me from attending, saying the event was just a money making endeavor. My teacher, Liu Xing Han (undoubtably, at 86, one of the oldest Ba Gua masters in China - See Pa Kua Chang Newsletter, Vol. 1, Number 1) wrote a note to the chairman saying that he would attend if a car was sent for him. During the event, no special arrangements were made and Liu did not attend. Also missing was Liang Ke Quan (see Pa Kua Chang Journal, Volume 4, Number 4), and many of Beijing's other well known older generation masters. Once source, who refused to be identified, said that they didn't particularly want senior instructors who complained too much or too loudly to attend. Obviously there must be many other senior Ba Gua Zhang instructors who did not attend the conference....

The Art of Fighting

Dancing Bend Over Backward

Upon completion of sealing the ring, the fighter then positions himself in the center of the ring and kneels facing the direction of his home town, or his gym camp. He performs three bows, touching his forehead to the floor. This is called the Wai Kru (bow to the teacher Wai means bow, Kru means teacher.). These three bows can take on a different significance with each fighter, but in our gym, we think of them as paying respect to your teacher and gym, your family, and finally to your deity.

Chang Sanfeng

Everyone back then in China, was looking for the most deadly fighting system so Chang became paranoid that others might steal his invention and use it against he and his family. So he had to have a way of teaching it to his family members, a way whereby if someone was looking, they would not be able to work out what was going on. In addition, what Chang invented, was the very beginning of modern Taijiquan form.


Back in feudal China, the masters, family members and students of Taijiquan did not practise Taijiquan in order to help them open car doors (as cars had not been invented). Nor did they use it to help with lifting things, to have a good day, to help with job interviews, to lose weight, or to be popular at parties. People would learn Taijiquan because it would help in saving their lives Literally, people had to have a means of defending themselves against serious attack. Unlike nowadays when we can call a police officer or buy a gun, they had only themselves to depend upon. In addition, attacks were frequent, for money, possessions, women or simply that a person was rich and famous and others were jealous of he or she. The amount of violence in the world today is kid's stuff compared to what went on in feudal China. So, how did Taijiquan get to where it is today

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